Changing Text for Featured Page Widget

The featured page widget can display 120 character from one of two places. Either from the excerpt or the first 120 characters from the featured page.

If you installed one of the demos the featured pages will be using the excerpt. By default, the excerpt field is hidden and it will need to be enabled so you can change the 120 characters.

To enable the excerpt field head over to the featured page and click on Screen Options in the top right and ensure Excerpt is checked (illustrated below):

Once Excerpt is checked the excerpt edit panel will appear at the bottom of the edit page (illustrated below):

You can add a maximum of 120 characters here.

If you do not add any characters here the first 120 characters in the page will be displayed in the featured page widget instead.

If you run into any issues, please do not hesitate to submit a ticket.

Thank you for being a Devclick customer and best of luck with your project.